This story took place last summer. I was off from work and decided to check
out the late night, early morning action in the chatrooms on the Internet. I
am a 50 year old straight acting, gay man who is very much into giving blow
jobs to young, straight or bi guys. I entered and found very little going on,
but I have discovered that if I leave my name in the chatroom, I will
occasionally get IM's from guys who read my profile. I was reading the latest
Nifty stories, figuring that I would need something to jerk off to, as I
really did not expect to find any action at 2 AM on a very hot August
weeknight. But, I was to be pleasantly surprised.

As I read the stories and played with my cock through my boxer shorts, I did
receive about three IM's from guys who read my profile. I say that I am
looking to give head to young straight and bi guys. I give my age and
description and the guys who contacted me did not work out. It is amazing how
many guys read that I am looking to suck off a younger guy and they wind up
telling me that they are into being fucked by a Daddy, or something like
that. I wish them luck but tell them that I am looking for something else.

But at about 2:30 AM, I got a message. It was from a twenty year old kid. He
said hi and asked me what I was looking for. I read his profile and he seemed
like a typical straight kid into music, drinking and women. He asked me what
I was looking for. I know that he had read my profile, or he would not have
contacted me, and so I answered that I like to suck young dick. He responded.

"That's me."

He told me that his name is Kenny and he is a straight twenty year old
Italian and Greek boy. He described himself as a good looking kid with an
athletic body. He is straight but had allowed some guys to give him head when
there were no girls around. I asked if likes an older man sucking his cock.
He answered that he likes anyone sucking his cock. He sounded perfect to me.
It turned out that he lives a half hour away from me and he did not have a
car. He lives with his parents and did not have aplace.I really wanted to
suck him off, and offered to pick him up and pay for a motel that is not far
from where he lives. He told me that he did not want to go to a motel. I
offered to pick him up and drive him back to my place, and then back home,
but he said that it would take too long. He told me to hang on while he
figured something out.

I did not hear from him for a couple of minutes and figured that he had met
someone else. But then I got a new message from him.


Apparently, he had not found anyone and still wanted me to suck his cock. I
told him that I still wanted to give him a blow job. I again offered to pay
for a motel room. He said.

"Hmm. Instead of paying for the motel. u can give me the money and we can do
it in your car."

I thought for a minute and decided why not give him the money. I said that I
was willing to do it in the car. He asked,

"What about the money?"

I asked him how much, and he asked me what I thought. We agreed on $40, which
is what the room would have cost. I asked him if I could see his pic first,
before I drove out to meet him. He said okay but to wait while he finds it.
He came back and told me that he had sent it to a girl and to ignore what he
had written with it. I said fine and got the mail with a picture attached. It
was a forward from something he had sent out a few days earlier to a
twenty-three year old girl. He had his shirt off and looked real good. A
slight tummy on a smooth upper body made him look like a real str8 beer
drinking kid. He had nice pecs with two tattoos, one on each bicep. The
letter to the girl said that he was into cars and bikes and movies and quiet
times alone at home too. I was totally convinced that this kid was the real
deal. A good looking young straight dude looking for a blow job and a few
bucks too. I told him that he looks good. He said,

"Thanks. Come now."

We arranged a time and a corner near his house. Twenty-five minutes later, I
pulled my car to the prearranged corner and parked. it was now 3:30 in the
morning and the street was pretty dark and deserted. I was looking out the
window when I saw him across the street and approaching my car. He was even
hotter in person. I opened the door on the passenger side and he got in the
car. We shook hands as I was checking him out. His hair was long, but curly
and jelled. He looked like he hadn't shaved that day and the slightly hairy
face made this boy look tough and macho. He was wearing shorts and a baggy t
shirt. I could smell the soap and cologne on him. He did not seem nervous and
he told me where to drive to.

While we were driving, I kept checking out this straight young stud sitting
in my car, about to let me suck him off. I asked if he had met other guys
like this. He said that he had only done it a few times, but he has fooled
around with friends. I asked him their ages and he said that one was older
than him, and now in the navy. The other was younger but Ken tried to avoid
him as he did not want any of his friends to know that he let other dudes
give him head.

He had a tough street boy way of talking, but was also charming with a nice
smile that flashed as he was talking. I noted that he had three hoops in one
ear. My heart was beating hard in anticipation of lowering those shorts and
sucking on the cock of this young str8 stud. He directed me to a street but
then saw a security car driving around. He told me to keep driving as he knew
another spot. I wondered if he had parked in these places with girls or guys

While I was driving, he was looking out the window and then told me to back
up as we had passed the place he wanted. He smiled and said,

"I hope you don't mind backing the car up the block, but I don't always do
things the way I am supposed to."

It was so late that the street was totally deserted and I did not mind. Kenny
had spotted a gas station that was closed for the night. He told me to back
the car into a spot in a dark corner of the station. He told me to turn the
lights off but leave the engine and the air conditioner running. I did as he
asked and reached over to feel his crotch. I kept feeling his cock through
the shorts but he was not hard yet. He moved my hand away and reached for
the seat adjustment and lowered the seat into a reclining position, and
opened the shorts and lowered them to his knees. He pulled his dick out and
started playing with himself. I watched in the shadows of the dark car as he
jerked off and his cock got hard. He told me to play with it for a while. I
did and after a couple of minutes, he said,

"You can do whatever u want."

I took this to mean, "Suck my dick now faggot!". and I lowered my face into
his crotch. I could not see well in the dark but his cock appeared to be
uncut and his legs were hairy. I think he may have trimmed his pubic hair. I
have heard that str8 boys do that now. His cock was long and thin and I put
it in my mouth and started to suck it for a minute when he pulled his cock
out of my mouth and said,

"There are two things about sucking my cock. Don't bring your mouth higher
than the head and go fast. I like to be sucked fast."

I nodded and resumed the blow job. I guess I had been pulling my mouth off
and licking the head of his cock, but I now obeyed his wishes and only went
as far up as his cock head, and then went back down on him. I was sucking on
Kenny's cock and I heard him moaning in a low deep young masculine sound. I
noticed that his crotch was a little funky smelling, and that the soap smell
may have been only from his face. I gagged a few times from the smell and
from his sudden thrusts of his cock into my throat, but I kept sucking in the
manner that he had requested. Then he pulled off again and said that he
wanted to change angles so I could suck him straight on. He lowered his
shorts all the way to his ankles and turned to face me.

I once again lowered my head to his funky smelling young crotch and swallowed
his cock completely, and sucked up and down quickly as he liked. After a
couple of thrusts he buried his cock deep in my throat and grunted. He was
cumming deep in my mouth. He never asked if he could cum in my mouth. He just
did it. I swallowed as he eased his dick out and let me continue sucking his
cock as he squirted a thick tasty load of cum into my mouth. I gulped it all
down as he removed his cock from my mouth.

I asked if I could clean his cock with my tongue. He told me just a little. I
took one more long slurp on his now softening cock and cleaned the reside cum
dripping from his opened piss slit. He shuddered and I released his cock from
my lips. I reached for a tissue to clean my mouth and asked if he wanted one.
He said,

"No thanks. I will jump in the shower when I get home."

I paid him the pre arranged amount and asked him if he enjoyed the blow job.
He smiled and said yes. I assured him that I thoroughly enjoyed it too, I
drove back to the corner where I met him, all of fifteen minutes earlier. I
told him to IM me or e mail if he wants another blow job with the same deal,
meaning I would give him the $40, "motel money." He said cool and left the

I did hear from him a couple of weeks later and we met in the same spot. He
told me that he had been smoking weed with his buds and got real horny
thinking about getting sucked off. We drove to the same spot and this time he
pulled his dick out while I was sucking him and jerked himself off while I
licked his hairy balls. He shot his load while I licked his nuts and then he
asked me to lick the cum up from his pubic hair, and I did. That was the
last time I saw him, and when I tried to email him, his name had been
deleted. That's the way it sometimes goes with str8 20 year olds.

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